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With a bouquet subscription, we'll automatically deliver a large bouquet of farm fresh and always American grown blooms to your door. n road adjacent to an 18 acre City park. Ample gravel parking available. Farm stand is wheelchair accessible.


S A T U R D A Y S 
9am to dusk

The farm stand is open every Saturday from 9am until dusk or sold out. The stand is generally self serve. We accept cash, paypal, venmo, and cashapp. If you require assistance or would like gift wrapping, we're always happy to help! Please park on farm property and be thoughtful to our neighbors.

While we built the farm to be a long lasting asset for the community and to the slow flowers movement, the farm is also our family home. We ask that you please respect our privacy when visiting, only visit during open hours, and please watch for children and pets from your vehicles. Additionally, the farm is currently not available as a venue or for photoshoots.

January 2022 marked the start of our 3rd year at the farm. When we first arrived, it was just a unique home on a 2 acre suburban lot. In the last two years, we've put 1/4 acre  into cut flower production, erected one unheated growing structure, repurposed a charming old outbuilding into a flower studio/production space, and crafted a lovely little farm stand for the public to shop on weekends. 

We consider ourselves first and foremost stewards of this land, temporary caretakers who aim to leave it better than we found it. We believe in making a more fertile ground for the next generation - whether it be to grow food or flowers. We practice no-till and small-scale-intensive farming methods and use OMRI certified organic products whenever possible. We believe the best pest control, disease control, and soil "management" is achieved when a balanced natural biology is present. So we don't recklessly spray harmful herbicides and pesticides. Instead, we work to achieve a balanced ecosystem and let it handle the rest. We believe mother nature knows best. 



is to aide the fight of small American
growers to reclaim a majority portion of the $8 billion American cut flower industry, by educating and advocating for local flowers and increasing the accessibility to and convenience of them in our own community.



Nice to meet you! My name is Vanessa and I'm the owner of Pop's Flowers. I'm a 5th year farmer florist hopelessly wooed by the slow flowers movement and the garden. I'm a creative-type, a definite introvert, and a self-confessed old soul. Most of my time is put into the farm, but when I'm not digging in the dirt I like to play classical piano, cook and/or bake, and spend time with family. I could write a book on why I've dedicated my life to flowers, but let's just say it brings me more joy and fulfillment than I ever imagined possible. It is such an honor to serve this community my family has called home since 1947, and I so look forward to growing here for decades to come!

We believe in old school, above-and-beyond, customer service. Since day one, we've said - "we might not always get it right, but we'll always make it right." It is my utmost priority that our customers feel exceptionally well taken care of and valued - becasue they ARE valued. Our business also strongly values our employees, the unique talents they bring to the business, and the care they take in everything they do. For this reason, we believe in paying a true living wage, investing in their education, and providing them with flexible schedules and work from home opportunities.

When we close our eyes and dream of the farm tomorrow, we see a productive farm, but also a series of ornamental gardens. A place of real beauty which is shared with the community whether that's for a sunny counseling session surrounded by flowers, a family photoshoot, a garden club meeting, or just a tour. We can envision upgrading the farm stand to a farm store and having big annual spring bulb and dahlia tuber sales. No matter what tomorrow brings, there will be flowers. 

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