Not only are locally grown flowers more sustainable for the planet than mass


produced imported blooms, they are a premium product, a luxury item that


reconnects one with the natural seasonality of the flora that actually surrounds


them. They foster a genuine connection to Mother Earth. And that's something


worth preserving. Following these few basic tips, every stem from us is guaranteed


to last 4 days at an absolute minimum.








Treat it like Ice Cream when traveling.

If it's hot, your flowers are hot. On the way home, don't do anything with them you wouldn't do with a gallon of ice cream and your car on a 90 degree day. Don't leave them in the car for long and maybe turn on the AC.


Use flower food.
There really is a science behind flower food. That little packet keeps the water in the vase clean by combating the growth of bacteria. Clean water is easier for the flowers to drink, won't clog their stems, and results in a longer lasting bloom.


Cool & dark.

Keeping flowers in a dark refrigerator set to 38 degrees will practically pause them in time, like putting food in your freezer. To maximize vase life, keep your flowers out of direct sunlight and in the coolest room you've got!


Back in Water ASAP
Being out of water creates bubbles in flower stems which ultimately lessens their vase life. Getting your blooms back in water as soon as possible will hydrate them and not only have them looking tip top in no time (instead of like weary travelers) but it will also maximize their vase life.


Re-cut stems.

A fresh cut allows the flowers to hydrate more easily. Cutting the stems when you first bring your flowers home and every time you change the water makes a noticeable difference in vase life. 


Remove the bouquet from the vase by grabbing all the stems in a fist and lay them on a surface.  Change the water in the vase adding more flower food if you care to. Hold the bouquet the same way and cut about 1/2 to 1 inch of stem off and return to the vase with clean water. Pick out any fading blooms and discard. Return to a cool dark place and enjoy.