growing seasonal cut flowers 
in Edgewood, WA


convenient online shopping, local delivery, bouquet subscriptions, and seasonal in-person shopping at our farm stand



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          My name is Vanessa. I'm a fourth year
farmer florist with a brand new farm just outside of Tacoma, WA. I got my start growing cut flowers for my 90 year old grandfather in the very soil he cultivated for 70 years. With an aching back and knees, he gave me his garden in 2017. 

        Grandfather keeps fresh flowers in his house every day in memory of his dear departed wife, my beloved grandmother. So it seemed only natural that my goal with that first garden on his land should be to return his generosity. I decided to grow him cut flowers in an effort to lessen the physical and financial burden of his romantic
gesture in perpetuity. To his delight, and I like to think Grandmother's as well, I managed to keep his house filled with blooms all Summer long - and continue to do so to this day.

        In the coming years, our business was born. The local community embraced us with open arms. We expanded our work force, solidified our practices/products, and found our calling.


       We believe in the power of everyday flowers to brighten your home and your life. And we believe that the most sustainable source for any product in 2021 should also be the most convenient one.



is to aide in the fight for small American growers to reclaim a majority portion of the $7 billion American cut flower industry


 not only educating in regard to, and advocating for, the consumption of American flowers

--but more importantly--

taking practical steps to grow the accessibility 

and convenience of Local and American flowers in our own community. 



F A Q ' s

do you deliver to me?

We deliver to the following zip codes: 98002, 98001, 98198, 98003, 98023, 98422, 98443, 98371, 98390, 98047, 98391, 98372, 98354, 98424, 98198

Delivery is always free to our neighbors in Edgewood, Milton, and Fife. A flat $5 delivery fee applies for all other aforementioned locations.

when are you open?

SPRING                                                             SUMMER & FALL

Open "when the tulips bloom"                            Mid July through Early October
through Mother's Day                                                 Deliveries every Friday

Friday +Holiday delivery only                          In person shopping every Saturday                                                                                                                                              

how do I see your inventory?
You can shop with us in person at our little farm stand on Saturdays during our regular sales seasons. We also have a What's Fresh This Week newsletter - sign up for emails and we'll send our current inventory with links to order straight to your inbox (for Friday delivery or Saturday 9am-Noon farm pick up). You can also follow us on social media for sneak peeks at inventory.

are you a farm or a florist?
We are a farm! The majority of our time (year round) is spent on flower production. But our main sales avenue is direct to consumer/retail customer. We offer limited design services for our customers including lovely mixed bouquets, gift wrapping, and in-vase arrangements

where are your flowers grown?
Our flowers are always American grown. We source from small and large farms throughout WA, OR, and CA on a supplementary basis- but the majority of our blooms come from our farm right here in Edgewood, WA where we have about 1/8th of an acre in production for 2021. 

JULY 30th!

We're open for custom orders this June with farm pick up only, but our regular Summer Season starts July 30th! And with it come, THE DAHLIAS! We'll have delivery available every Friday and on farm shopping at our new farm stand on Saturdays! Summer really is the best!