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New farm, same Pop's - Pop's Flowers moves to Edgewood

Updated: Jan 14

Welcome to our new happy place.

I didn't plan on moving 3 weeks before Christmas, but when we stumbled upon our perfect forever home... we leaped at the opportunity! Pops gave us his blessing, of course, and we moved in on December 7th.

Even as we transition the majority of the business operations from his home to the new farm over the next year, we'll maintain a cutting garden for him just as we have since 2017. Pops gave me the room to explore and develop this passion when I otherwise would not have had a place to garden, and grow. It is a debt I will consider never fully repaid. For how do you repay someone for not only inspiring you to follow your passion, but also giving you the means to do so? I suppose for Pops and I, the answer will always be - with flowers. - The new farm is like a dream. We've been here ten days now, and there's not a single one where I've woken up and wasn't immediately awash with gratitude and awe at the beauty of this place or how fortunate I am to be its caretaker for a few decades. It doesn't look like a farm now, just a beautiful blank canvas, but we've already set to work designing the layout and started discussing construction phases and timelines.

The new farm will feature (one day) a quarter acre or more of flower fields, a small studio/work space, a veg patch, several formal gardens, a conservation area, and possibly a farm stand. We're so excited to get to know our neighbors in Edgewood better than ever before. Aside from a new farm, our flowers and our services will not undergo drastic changes for 2020. Customers can still expect beautiful dahlias, cheery sunflowers, and gorgeous tulips wrapped in our signature brown paper, delivered straight to their door. Follow @popsflowers on FB and Insta for updates. -

Questions? Contact V at or call Pop's Flowers at 253.254.6705.