From the bottom of our hearts,

thank you for supporting local flowers

Pop's Flowers

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These little beauties showed up in the mail today, and our first thought was, "it just got real."


My name's Vanessa Vancuren. And for those of you that don't know, I'm one of the thousands and thousands plant obsessed millennials. Some of us are #urbanfarmers or have an indoor #urbanjungle. Some of us preach #foodsoveirgnty and #sustainablity.

For about 4 years now there has been a movement in the US towards local sustainable flowers. People have been consuming local sustainable produce through farmer's markets and CSA's in the US for considerably longer, but the same principles hadn't been applied to flowers in mass until more recently.

As the farm to vase movement grows, #farmerflorists are popping up like daisies. Especially in the fertile grounds of the PNW. (Did you know that WA state is among the top ten US states in cut flower production?) According to #slowflowers industry report, there was a 20% increase of farmer-florists in the last 5 years. That's huge.

And this year, we're jumping on the band wagon.

Last year we grew exclusively to supply grandfather (CP) with flowers and ease the financial burden of purchasing weekly bouquets.

This year we asked ourselves, "how else can the garden work to his benefit?" With the size of garden we have, we are able to grow considerably more flowers than we can consume. But not enough to warrant selling at the farmer's market every week. Plus, we know we aren't ready (yet) to file a for-profit business.

We just want to grow and share the bounty of our cutting garden with neighbors and locals, much to the delight and benefit of our grandfather. So we devised a way to do just that - and the answer is Pop's Flowers.


From the bottom of our hearts, we're so glad you're here and can't thank you enough for your interest in our story and supporting the local flower movement.

This is our flagship year, and our endeavor is small. We'll be producing specialty dahlias on our grandfather's tiny plot in Milton, WA and "selling" mixed bouquets and arrangements direct to our donors via social media. *update 9/2018: we've since added a front porch flower stand!

It would be our absolute pleasure to call you a donor! Please accept this invitation to join us in our online group so you can view our freshest selection of gorgeous blooms.

In the name of love,

- V-