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We are devastated by the
humanitarian crisis in Ukraine.


We're asking for your help to try to make a difference.
The proceeds from your order of sunflower seeds will be directed to Villa Verde Farm in Ukraine - a gorgeous flower farm outside Kyiv owned by newlyweds Yulia and Sasha. On March 1st their farm was devastated by the guns of war and suffered major infrastructure and crop losses. They have turned to their fellow flower farmers for help, and now we turn to you.

If you would like to plant some sunflowers in honor of the Ukrainian people, we are offering six varieties to choose from and we'll make a donation to Villa Verde Farm on your behalf.

If you prefer to donate directly to Villa Verde Farm
Pay Pal:

Yulia has asked for the support of Razom for Ukraine.
Little Farm House Flowers on Instagram has organized a fundraiser for the organization which the flower farming community is actively contributing to. To join them, @littlefarmhouseflowers on Instagram.

sunflowers for


920 seeds planted
6,000 GOAL

as of march 10th 2022 @ 9pm PST

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In Full Transparency

We're sure there are capitalist institutions out there looking to profit off war. We aren't one of them. 

We just want to see sunflowers planted in honor of the Ukrainian people, and to aid Villa Verde Farm in rebuilding their dream which was so brutally taken from them.

Every packet of seeds costs us either $1.99 or $2.19 USD to manufacture depending on color/variety. This covers 20 seeds, one seed packet, and one shipping envelope completely at cost.

Villa Verde Farm will receive $7 for every packet sold. If we reach our goal of 6,000 sunflowers planted for Ukraine, Villa Verde will receive $2,100 USD to put toward rebuilding their farm.

The Pop's staff is donating their time and labor to assemble all the seed packets and ship every order. The company is covering processing fees above $0.56 per a transaction. 


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